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Chad's Birthday Mix (Nov.22.21)

Publié le 2021-11-25 07:26:03 Chad's Birthday Mix (Nov.22.21)
Kaiso . Indian . Reggae

A Live Recording from a Birthday POP UP for My Boy @ChadBalkissoon!

Kaiso . Indian . Chutney . Bollywood . 90s DanceHall . Lovers Rock

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Pre Diwali POP UP (Nov.2.21)

Publié le 2021-11-04 05:00:00 Pre Diwali POP UP (Nov.2.21)
Chutney . Bollywood . Remixes . ChutneySoca

A LIVE Recording from Tuesdays Pre Diwali Pop Up!

Indian Chunes, Bollywood, Remixes, Chutney & Chutney Soca!


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Back2Back (Oct.26.21)

Publié le 2021-10-27 00:00:00 Back2Back (Oct.26.21)


OVER 3 HOURS, and More Than 10 GENRES of MUSIC & Vibes

Including a Tribute to Janet Jackson, Old School, House, Soca, Reggae, Reggaeton, Afro Beats,

Remixes, Club Bangers, Indian, Slow Jams, 90s & Disco!

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World Wednesday (July.7.21)

Publié le 2021-07-15 07:16:51 World Wednesday (July.7.21)
Bollywood Remix

LIVE Recording from Last Weds Stream.

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The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 10' 20)

Publié le 2020-12-16 07:40:23 The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 10' 20)
Soca . Chutney / Indian

A Special Guest Set Filling in for my boy Freshcut De Mayor

For the Thursday edition of #theIslandMixHour

Brought to you by Island Mix

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Summer Daze Vol.7 (That Kangan)

Publié le 2020-11-13 08:22:12 Summer Daze Vol.7 (That Kangan)
Indian . Chutney . and Bollywood Vibes

Yo! Remeber That Kangan!

That 7 Curry, Goat Head Soup, Tanti Dem Get On, Jammin on a Sunday Vibes!

Oh Those Summer Daze!

Welcome to My New Mix Tape Series Inspired By The Summer Events that Bring Us Together!

Volume 7 - That Kangan

Over 2.5 Hours of Indian . Chutney & Bollywood Vibes!!!


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The After Hours (LIVE May 20'20)

Publié le 2020-05-31 18:36:32 The After Hours (LIVE May 20'20)
OVER 4 HOUR of Mixed Vibes!

This Weeks Show was Crazy!

I Took as Many Requests as Possible and Ended Up With Over 4 Hours of

Soca . Reggae . Indian/Chutney . SlowJams 

This Mix Session Went SO LONG, I had to Cut Off the Classic Rock & Retro Set,

Just So I Could Upload it (As there's a Limit of 600mb)

Uncle Sin's Chutney (Vol.3)

Publié le 2019-04-18 06:00:00 Uncle Sin's Chutney (Vol.3)
The Remix Edition

Just In Time for the Long Weekend!

Uncle Sin's Chutney Volume 3 (The Remix Edition)

Big Remixes of Some Major Chutney, Indian, & Film Song Classics!

Make Sure you Check Out Volumes 1 & 2 Also.

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Uncle Sin's Chutney (Plenty Peppa)

Publié le 2016-07-21 09:00:00 Uncle Sin's Chutney (Plenty Peppa)
Chutney, Indian & Film Songs

From the Vault (Originally Posted 2012 i think)

When I Was Still on Sound Cloud, this was the Most Downloaded/Streamed Mix I've Ever Posted (LOL)

Ive also had Several Requests to Repost it, So Here You Go.


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