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Love & Lust (LIVE Feb.12.21)

Publié le 2021-02-14 17:37:17 Love & Lust (LIVE Feb.12.21)
Slow Jams . Ballads . Love Songs . Lovers Rock

Just In Time for Your Valentines Day Evening!

Last Fridays #Love&Lust Live Stream!

Slow Jams . Ballads . Love Songs . Lovers Rock


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TheIslandMixHour (LIVE Feb.12.21)

Publié le 2021-02-13 21:00:00 TheIslandMixHour (LIVE Feb.12.21)
2021 Carnival Soca

Just a Little Something to Help with that Carnival Tabanca

From Last Nights #theIslandMixHour (Presented by @IslandMixCa)


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An R&B Story (The Quiet Storm)

Publié le 2021-02-13 08:00:00 An R&B Story (The Quiet Storm)
A Classics Compilations of Love Songs

Chapter Three in the Series, (The Quiet Storm) is a Classics Compilation

of Love Song Greats, Just i Time for Valentines Day!

TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Feb.5.21)

Publié le 2021-02-12 07:37:15 TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Feb.5.21)
Baaaaare VIBES!

What an Amzaing Stream this Was. We Played it All!

Join the Party LIVE

Friday's Starting at 9, and we go till Whenever.

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Timeless Wine (POP UP LIVE Feb.5.21)

Publié le 2021-02-11 06:53:42 Timeless Wine (POP UP LIVE Feb.5.21)
100% Soca from Yesterday to Today

In a Soca Mood?

Peep Last Sats POP UP Stream.

Take in Some Classic Vibes, 2021, and a Bit of Everything In Between.


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POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.30.21)

Publié le 2021-02-03 17:50:00 POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.30.21)
Reggae . Soca . 80s/90s/20000 Urban . Chutney

Here's Last Saturdays POP Up Stream!

Check Out the Vibes

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TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan.22.21)

Publié le 2021-01-27 07:10:00 TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan.22.21)

Time for Some NEW 2021 Carnival SOCA inside the #IslandMixHour

Presented By IslandMix Restro & Lounge.

Chutney, HipHop / R & B and Reggae inside the #AfterHours


Catch the Show LIVE, Friday's Starting at 9PM!

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POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.16.21)

Publié le 2021-01-23 17:00:00 POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.16.21)
HEAVY 80s . 90s Jump Up Soca . Reggae


Here's a Little Something to Vibes Up Your Day,

Last Sats POP UP Stream!

5 HOURS of HEAVY HEAVY 80s Retro, New Wave & Rock, 90s Jump Up Classics & Reggae!


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TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan.15.21)

Publié le 2021-01-20 07:40:25 TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan.15.21)
80s/90s . NewJack . Soca . House . Euro

Another Amazing Night of Vibes!

80s/90s, NewJackSwing, Soca, Classic & 2000s House and Euro Dance!

Catch the Vibe Every Friday from 9Pm on

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POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.9.21)

Publié le 2021-01-15 07:34:43 POP UP Stream! (LIVE Jan.9.21)
More Crazy House Party Vibes!

So Nice, We Had to Do it Twice!

2000s Urban, Afro Beat, Soca, 90s, Reggae, 80s, Old School, Disco, Slow Jamz & More!

Just Kick Back and Enjoy.

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An R&B Story (Chapter 2)

Publié le 2021-01-06 07:00:00 An R&B Story (Chapter 2)
The Groove Theory

An R&B Story (Chapter Two)

"The Groove Theory"


Heavily New Jack & Full Of Classic Vibes You'll Love!

Music you may have forgotten about, maybe music you've never heard before.

Take it in, and Enjoy!

I'll Try and Post the Track List Later.

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and The LIVE Stream Channel @ twitch.TV/djSinToronto

TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan 1)

Publié le 2021-01-03 07:00:00 TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (LIVE Jan 1)
R&B . Soca . Lovers Rock . Gun Shot Fyah


What a Crazy 4 HOUR LIVE Session of Vibez!

Heavy R&B, Groovy Soca, Kaiso, and 90s JUMP UP!

Lover Rock and Some Real Gun Man Heat!


Don't forget to catch the Show LIVE, Every Friday at 9pm

It's #theIslandMixHour, presented by Island Mix.

TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (Xmas 20)

Publié le 2020-12-28 08:10:00 TheIslandMixHour & TheAfterHours (Xmas 20)
80s . Soca . Reggae . HH/RnB . Chutney

It's the Merry Christmas Edition of

#theIslandMixHour & After Hours!

Mixed Vibes!

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Team Soca Christmas Eve Special (LIVE)

Publié le 2020-12-28 08:00:00 Team Soca Christmas Eve Special (LIVE)
2 Hours of Soca Vibes

Here's My Set from the Christmas Eve 16 HOUR Dj Relay!


Boxing Day (LIVE Special Edition)

Publié le 2020-12-28 08:00:00 Boxing Day (LIVE Special Edition)

When That 90s Vibe Just Hits You, You Go LIVE!

4 Hours of RnB, HipHop, Reggae & Soca, ALL 90s!


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An R&B Story (Chapter One)

Publié le 2020-12-22 07:10:00 An R&B Story (Chapter One)
Them 90s Deep Crates

Introducing MY NEW Mix Tape Series

An R&B Story (Chapter One)

"Them 90s Deep Crates"

This Mix Will Take You Back to Some of the Biggest TRUE 90s R&B Classics!

Music you may have forgotten about, maybe music you've never heard before.

Take it in, and Enjoy.

Happy Holidays.

  1. Miss Jones – Don’t Front
  2. Sam Salter - It's On Tonight
  3. Before Dark - Come Correct
  4. Elusion - Reality
  5. Tony Thompson - I Wanna Love Like That
  6. A Few Good Men - Tonight
  7. Assorted Phlavors - Make Up Your Mind
  8. Camille Douglas - Don't leave me hangin'
  9. Isley Brothers & Lil Kim – Float On (Remix)
  10. Eboni Foster – Crazy for You
  11. Myron – So Fly (SBM Mix)
  12. Usher - I'll Make It Right
  13. J Quest – Anything
  14. Soul 4 Real - Let's Stay Together
  15. Rome - Crazy Love
  16. Backstreet Boys – If You Stay
  17. The Braxtons - So Many Ways
  18. Gyrl - Get Your Groove On
  19. Changing Faces - I Got Somebody Else
  20. Jagged Edge - The Way That You Talk
  21. 1 Accord – Don’t Stop Don’t Quit
  22. Veronica ft Fat Joe - Rise
  23. Groove Theory - 4 Shure
  24. Usher - Think of You
  25. Mona Lisa - Peach
  26. Tasha Holiday - Just the Way You Like It
  27. Angela Winbush - Treat U Rite
  28. Zhane - Crush (JR Swingha Hip-Hop Mix)
  29. Usher - Final Good Bye
  30. Soul 4 Real - Love You So
  31. Mista - Blackberry Molasses (Long Summer Remix)
  32. Billy Lawrence - Come On
  33. Joya – I Likw What You’re Doing to Me
  34. Miss Jones – Where I Wanna Be Boy
  35. Amyth - Who Shot Your Heart
  36. Pure Soul – I Want You Back
  37. Zhane - Sending My Love
  38. Shya - I Can't Help it
  39. Shades – Serenade
  40. Big Bub – Need your Love
  41. Blackstreet - Fix (Dezo Call Me Mix)
  42. Montell Jordan - Come Home
  43. MQ3 - Everyday (Darkchild Remix)
  44. Taral Hicks – Distant Lover
  45. Mona Lisa - Just Wanna Please U
  46. Ivory – Relax & Party
  47. Zhane - Vibe
  48. Shades - Tell Me
  49. Lalah Hathaway - Let Me Love You
  50. Taral Hicks - How Can I Get Over You (Remix)
  51. Veronica - No One But You
  52. Jason Weaver - I Don't Know Why
  53. Sweet Sable – Tonight
  54. Skindeep – Everybody (Remix)
  55. Deborah Cox - Up And Down
  56. Debelah Morgan - Whatever
  57. Carlos Morgan - Baby C'mon
  58. Imajin - Shorty
  59. Chanté Moore - Straight Up
  60. For Real - Easy to Love
  61. Phajja – Checking for Me
  62. Glenn Lewis – Bout Your Love

The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 10' 20)

Publié le 2020-12-16 07:40:23 The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 10' 20)
Soca . Chutney / Indian

A Special Guest Set Filling in for my boy Freshcut De Mayor

For the Thursday edition of #theIslandMixHour

Brought to you by Island Mix

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and on

The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 3' 20)

Publié le 2020-12-11 15:15:00 The Island Mix Hour (LIVE Dec 3' 20)
80s . Retro . Old School . Rock

A Special Guest Set Filling in for my boy Freshcut De Mayor

For the Thursday edition of #theIslandMixHour

Brought to you by Island Mix

Don't Forget to Follow Me on IG @djSinToronto

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A Christmas Story (Volume 2)

Publié le 2020-12-04 14:00:00 A Christmas Story (Volume 2)
Another Christmas Classics Compilation

Just In Time for the Christmas Season!

Another Compilation of Some of My Favorite

Christmas Classics Renditions.

A Little Something to Kick in the Background

To Set the Festive Vibes!

Happy Holidays!

TwitchFest4 (Halloween Edition)

Publié le 2020-11-20 07:25:00 TwitchFest4 (Halloween Edition)
Early 2000s Hip Hop

Soooo This was Actually a ReRecording from the Haloween Edition, of # TwitchFest4

During the Live I ran into some Tech Issues and had to Stop the Show,

So I Decided to Rerecord it for you anyway.


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  1. Kardinal & Lindo P - Anywhere
  2. 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta
  3. Kanye West & T-Pain - Good Life
  4. Black Rob - Whoa
  5. Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah
  6. Jay-Z - On To The Next One feat. Swizz beatz
  7. TI Ft Lil Wayne, Jay Z And Kanye West - Swagger Like Us
  8. P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Bad Boy for Life
  9. Cassidy - I'm A Hustler
  10. DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
  11. Jay Z Feat. Foxy Brown - Sunshine
  12. Lil Kim ft 50 Cent - Magic Stick
  13. Fabolous - You Be Killin Em
  14. Lil Kim - Lighters Up
  15. 50 Cent - I Get Money
  16. Beanie Sigel - Beanie
  17. Ja Rule - Holla Holla
  18. Busta Rhymes - Fire
  19. MOP & Busta - Anti Up (Remix)
  20. Clipse & Kardinal - Grindin '(Remix)
  21. Foxy Brown - Stylin
  22. Freeway - Roc The Mic
  23. Ghosface Killah - Be Easy
  24. Lil 'Kim - My Niggas
  25. Lloyd Banks - On Fire
  26. Nas - Made You Look
  27. Busta Rhymes ft Swizz Beatz - Stop The Party
  28. Jae Millz - Streets Is Melting
  29. Tony Yayo ft 50 Cent - So Seductive
  30. Fabolous, Jay Z & Uncle Murda - Brooklyn
  31. Nas Ft. Bravehearts - Oochie Wally
  32. Snoop Dogg - The One & Only
  33. Busta Rhymes - Pass The Courvoisier
  34. Jay Z - Do It Again  
  35. Fabolous & Sean Paul - It's Alright
  36. Swizz Beatz - Money in the Bank
  37. Choclair - Breath Control
  38. Memphis Bleek - Like That
  39. NORE - Nothin
  40. Jay Z & Bleek - Do My
  41. Benzino - Rock The Party
  42. LL Cool J, Keith Murry & Ludacris - Fatty Girl
  43. Too Short ft Snoop, Kardinal - Keep Bouncin (Remix)

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